UNSW FABSOC x Photoclub: Professional & Fashion Photoshoot

By Brendan Navaneethan

Our favourite collaboration from last year came back better than ever!

Students were able to take aesthetic photos of themselves with the best of UNSW’s student photographers! Whether you wanted to improve your Insta feed or get a new LinkedIn dp, the photographers were there to cater your needs extremely well.

Whilst at the event, not only did I take some HD photos of myself, but I also learnt a few things about photography. Whilst I won’t be getting a DSLR anytime soon, I’m sure I’ll be taking my photographers’ advice next time I do a mini-photoshoot for my mates.

How did you enjoy this year’s photoshoot? Comment down below to tell us your thoughts!

AND if you were there on the day and have some amazing photos take, head over to our UNSW FABSOC page and hit us up for a link to your FAB album!

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