Sparrow’s Mill

By Brendan Navaneethan

Personally, as a massive fan of Korean fried chicken, I have certain criteria that have to be met in order for me to recommend it to anyone.

1) Perfect blend of spices

2) Crispiness of chicken

3) Portion size

4) Rice dishes to eat in between

​Sparrows Mill was able to do almost of these things flawlessly me. Their spice blend was amazing (especially the Hot Fried chicken). The chicken was extremely crispy which I loved. For the price that I paid, I got the portion that I actually deserved which seemed crazy to me considering this is in the city. But there is one flaw to this almost seemingly perfect Korean fried chicken place… The price of rice dishes was a lot more expensive than it should be, even if it was in the city. Not only that, but the queue for dinner on almost any day is usually quite long and you can be spending up to 30 minutes just waiting for a seat.

Would I recommend this place to my friends? Yes because the chicken was just that good! But be warned, you could easily be spending at least $25+ per person which to me, doesn’t sound that student friendly.

Rating: 4/5

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