Japanese Makeup Recommendations

By Michelle Ou

Japan has the highest per capita spending on skincare and cosmetics. Just by casually walking down a street in Tokyo or Osaka, you will see the nation’s craze and obsession with beauty. From various different drugstore, department stalls with many brands and make-up boutiques, Japan is definitely the go to place to travel if you want to stock up on amazing beauty products that will do wonders. Although we are in Australia, this doesn’t mean we don’t have access to most of Japan’s luxuries! Here are some of our favourite Japanese makeup products and where to buy them! ​

What: Dolly Wink Black Liquid Eyeliner 
Where: W Cosmetics or Online (Ebay and Yesstyle) 
Price: $15-$25

This eyeliner pen has a sharp brush-tip that isn’t offered by many Western-branded eyeliners, allowing a perfect, smooth and precise cat eye to be drawn. It is very easy to work with, long lasting and waterproof!

What: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Tint
Where: W Cosmetics or Online (Ebay and Yesstyle) 
Price: $20-30

This eyebrow tint is very easy to apply and stays on all day! Just apply over you eyebrows, leave on for a few hours, peel off the dried tint and done ! Long-lasting eyebrows! The results are very natural and it is a perfect product for busy people with little time to spend on their makeup

What: Diamond Lash Fake Eyelashes
Where: W Cosmetics or online (Pinky Paradise or Ebay) 
Price: $10 – $20 

These fake eyelashes are very natural, reusable and good quality. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, fitting all eye shapes. The lash band is flexible and does not irritate the eyes.

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