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Skincare Tips for Exam Season

With finals approaching, it can be hard to find time to put the effort into skin-care. FABSOC has some tips that will help you survive exam season without letting your skin suffer along with your motivation to finish your degree 😢


Whilst some people are lucky enough go through exam season with little-to-no eyebags, the majority experience the annoying effects of dark circles. The obvious solution seems to be eye-cream; a cheap eye-cream I use is SCINIC’s Snail Matrix Eye Cream which works well enough to moisturise the eye lids and under-eye areas.

However, there are other solutions that alleviate the dark circles whilst being accessible when time is limited:

  1. If dark circles are a usual occurrence even when you have enough sleep, this could be due to allergies (specifically dust). Taking anti-histamines should do the trick.
  2. Cooling your eyes. In the movies you might see people in spas wearing cucumber slices on their eyes. This actually cools down the eye area and reduces the appearance of dark circles. Other alternatives include potato slices and cooling gels (ensure these don’t contain alcohol which irritate sensitive skin around the eyes)
  3. Water, water water!!! It might seem obvious, but we often forget to drink enough water when we’re cramming 13 weeks of content in 24 hours. Put alarms, reminders, whatever works, as long as you’re hydrated!


Stress-acne is a problem most students. Whilst I can’t reduce your stress levels, I can explain how to alleviate stress-induced acne. If you want to see a full Korean skincare article on acne care check out this blog plot[*Here] .

There is no concrete evidence for the correlation between stress and acne, but we all notice the exponential increase in acne when finals approach. Despite cold winter winds, stress has been linked to increased facial heat amongst stress students. This facial heat can cause bacterium that make your face home to acne. To counteract this, try cleansing with green-tea products. If you don’t have access to such products, try using a hot bowl of water and putting a tea bag in it. Then put it in the fridge to cool down for 10 minutes. Use the water as the final step for your cleansing process. Using gel/liquid products when possible instead of thick creams is highly recommended as it prevents the build-up of internal facial heat.

If you’re really stuck on time, try using any cooling sheet-mask with aloe, cucumber or lemon as the main ingredient whilst studying. Not only will it wake you up, but it will also give your face the necessary cooling that it needs.


While everyone constantly says this, they say it because it’s true; SLEEP WELL. University students need at least 8 hours a day. This is a lot to ask considering studying is essential but the majority of your skin-problems during this time can be solved with more sleep.

H2O is another vital part of maintaining good skin. Especially during exam period when dehydration is a real issue, not drinking water is in-excusable when it is literally everywhere!!!

Study hard friends. FABSOC hopes for the best and that you get the results you want!

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