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Beauty Review: The Ordinary

By Charina Shen

​The beauty brand The Ordinary, shot to popularity in 2017 for being exactly that, ordinary. This Canadian beauty brand has been hailed for its unique, stripped down packaging and transparency in ingredients. I fell victim to the all the talk praising the brand and after a friend urged me to buy them too, I couldn’t resist. I ended up purchasing the high coverage foundation and the glycolic acid toning solution. Whilst these two products have outstanding reviews, I had a slightly different experience. Although I will start by saying that for the price point, the safe ingredients and the commitment that the brand has towards honesty, these products are worth their value. Like they say, you get what you pay for.

The high coverage foundation, retailing for $12.90 AUD has a super soft, smooth application and feels amazingly light and breathable on the skin. It has an almost mousse like texture that allows for easy blending and doesn’t leave a sticky residual feeling. Whilst I haven’t had any major issues with the foundation, it’s not exactly “high coverage”. Leaving the foundation on for a whole day saw coverage fade, and patchiness appeared in some areas on my face. However, it’s not a bad choice on days when you just want a little something to cover up small discolourations and go for a  natural look and feel.

The glycolic acid toning solution, retailing for $14.50 AUD was my least favourite of the two products. Its initial application felt good but minutes later as it settled into my skin it started to sting. I noticed that this toner is not the most suitable for those with dry sensitive skin as it felt like my pores were being clogged rather than smoothed and cleansed. There was also a sticky after-feeling from using it and I broke out the next few days. Perhaps my skin is just too sensitive to toners but this is not my recommended go-to toner if you have similar sensitive skin. 

All makeup and beauty products are subjective and different formulas work better on different skin types. I admire The Ordinary’s mission in developing honest and affordable quality products whilst committing to doing right by their customers. While these two products may not be the right match for my skin, I wouldn’t shy away from trying new and different products The Ordinary releases. Who knows, maybe these could be the perfect product for you? ​

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