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Q&A: Victoria Beth Australian Model

By Michele Tenedero

​For those of you who are interested in getting to know the inner workings of the professional modelling industry, we encourage you to keep reading!

For this article, we interviewed Victoria Roberts, a model in Canberra, who is currently signed on with Devojka Models! In this interview, she shares her experiences and challenges in the modelling industry as well as her tips and tricks for pursuing modelling as a career. 

  1. What inspired you to go into modelling?

​The real beginning of it for me was watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the first time when I was 15, and confiding to my then-boyfriend that to walk in that show was my dream. These beautiful women on the most public of stages, having a great time and being surrounded by so much spectacle and celebration really got to me, and I still get a fuzzy feeling in my chest when I think of them up there being so proud and confident, having succeeded despite all the odds.

2. What type of photoshoots do you usually do? Have you had any favourites so far?

I usually do fashion and beauty shoots, as I love trying new and creative things with clothes and makeup, collaborating with other equally-creative photographers and makeup artists. We think of something, run it by the others, and invariably we give it a go, so it’s a very refreshing and exciting process coming up with the concept (even if some of the ideas are terrible and don’t work out at all!). I have so many favourite photoshoots that it’s tricky to pick one or two, but I’d have to say a red rose-themed beauty shoot I did last year is one of my most memorable, because so many things went wrong at the last second and I was so worried the shoot wouldn’t happen at all, but then it all came through in the end and everyone was happy with the results!

3. Do you have any favourite poses?#Vogue

Ooooh I’ve got several, and I know some of my photographer friends would agree! I love that high-fashion, angular look where you pop your collar bones and turn your shoulders in, while having an intense expression of some kind, and then I love poses that make you look like you’re thinking about, or considering the person looking at the photo too. I have to say I like furious expressions too; I never look like that in real life, so it’s fantastic to get to break out of your usual rhythm!

   4. Who are your top 3 role models in the beauty industry?

​Tough one. Number one is definitely Miranda Kerr, the first Aussie model to walk the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and just such a fantastic author too. I love reading her books, and outlook on life. 

Next will have to be Coco Rocha, who has a fantastic book filled with 1001 of her poses, where she’s just wearing a leotard and tights, with her hair in a bun. Extremely simple, but a brilliant, beautiful example of what we can do with our bodies. 

​Finally, I’d say Shantia Veney; the model who taught me (indirectly) how to pose, via her two short YouTube videos entitled ‘Fluidity in posing’ 1 and 2. She’s gorgeous, expressive, and is one of the biggest influences on my modelling style today. The way I practice posing (freestyle, to music) is entirely her way.

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