A Good Suit Guide Part III

Fancy folds and Presidential looks, the final tips and tricks to master the pocket square!

By Haider Mushtaq

This blog is a follow up to our previous edition of The Good Suiting Guide. Being well informed leads to being well dressed, so if you haven’t read our last edition I’d recommend going back through that one first before reading this one.

 Accessories: Pocket Square Round 2

At this point you should have a general idea of the type of pocket square you would want to match with your suit. However, there are still a few more “Dos and Don’ts” that might be helpful to learn before you push the button on that final purchase.

Occasions and folding etiquette

The formality of the occasion matters when choosing what pocket square to wear. For example, in corporate and work environments, a pocket square should be subtle instead of loud and simply accent the overall colours and tones of your suit. Loud colours and patterns will look out of place and ruin the overall effect you would be going for if the occasion doesn’t fit.

In contrast, occasions like weddings are the perfect place to practice your more flamboyant and stylistic looks. Here bold colours and patterns are more acceptable, and almost expected, over the solemn and muted ensemble of corporate suiting.

The above rules apply to the fold of the pocket square as well. More stylistic and artful folds are suited to informal occasions, while the cleaner and more geometric folds apply to formal occasions.

Here is one of many simple folding guides to show the steps to create different folds for different occasions

Now if this seems overwhelming to you, or you’d rather forgo playing around with the different types of pocket squares because it doesn’t interest you, have no fear.  There is one simple answer to any person who is confused or simply doesn’t want to bother with all the theatrics involved in choosing a pocket square, and that answer is:

The White Pocket Square

This is the bread and butter for any suit. It’s a staple that every man should have once they’ve purchased a suit. There is very little a white pocket square folded as a rectangle (called the presidential fold) won’t compliment when it comes to the massive range of suits and other suiting accessories available in the market. A white pocket square can suit any occasion and costs nothing to integrate into your outfit, so for anyone who needs the quick and easy answer, this is it.


By now you should have all the knowledge you need to go out and purchase that pocket square your suit sorely needs, but if you’re stuck on where to look, don’t worry, we’ve got that covered for you too.


OTAA is a Melbourne based store that sells a great range of good quality and fantastic looking suiting accessories such as ties and pocket squares. Their Australian based nature mean that all prices are in AUD and you can expect lightning fast shipping on all orders. Check them out in the link below.

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