Brand Focus: The Ordinary

Stressed about the multitude of skincare options?? Check our our first piece of our Brand Focus series, today talking about ‘The Ordinary’.

By Haider Mushtaq

When it comes to skincare, there’s no easy solution for perfect skin. Everyone’s skin is different and as a result, everyone needs different types of skin care products to help accomplish that flawless complexion we are all pining for.

With all these different options and regimens, it can get really confusing for a lot of people just trying to get a handle on their skin, in even the most basic ways. From companies advertising ‘groundbreaking results’ only to leave your skin a dry flaky mess, to dizzying routines involving 12 different types of branded oils, creams and face washes, today we can help you look your million dollar self without costing your whole bank account.

Luckily enough, some companies took a look at the chaotic mess that was the skin care industry, and decided to do things differently. One such company was The Ordinary, and serves as the first entry in our new series, Brand Focus, where FABSOC takes an in depth look at some of the best brands to buy in skincare today.

So what makes The Ordinary stand out in such a saturated market? Ironically enough, it’s their commitment to being as upfront and honest as possible that’s skyrocketed them to popular acclaim.

The Ordinary is a sub-division of DECIEM, an umbrella of brands that focus on providing clinically tested skincare products across all ranges of beauty and health. DECIEM mission statement across all their brands is “Clinical formulations with integrity”, which in plain English simply means tried and tested products with honest, no-frills packaging.  

This approach to brand design in combination with their extreme range of products has catapulted them to success within Australia, by providing easy access to the exact products consumers need to help manage the complex nature of caring for your skin.

Not just that but due to the absolutely cheap prices their products come in, it serves as an extremely affordable option to fall back on when trying new routines and regimens.

Speaking routines and regimens, for the people who are already getting overwhelmed by the wealth of options available and the dry clinical descriptions of each product, don’t stress. The company themselves have a comprehensive guide to all their products and their uses on their website, providing a great starting place for people just starting to look into the world of skin care.

So regardless of whether you’re looking for a simple exfoliate or some fancy retinoids and peptides, consider taking a look at some of The Ordinary products and experimenting. At prices as low as $10, and the increasing popularity of the brand being sold in department stores across NSW, it won’t cost you much, in time or money, to try something new and maybe land that silver bullet in a new routine to leave your skin looking as flawless as you think it should.

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