2020 Vision

1) DIVERSITY in all aspects of our work

Diversity is the understanding, acceptance and inclusion of one another, regardless of our differences.

This year, we aim to put an even greater focus on diversity whether that be with gender, culture or even simply the range of fashion or make up styles. We want diversity to be at the forefront of our work, making it as inclusive as possible to better engage with and cater to all our members.

This will be done through various means such as partnering with sponsors that don’t necessarily promote the “typical” ideals of fashion and beauty, considering diversity during team recruitment processes, creating inclusive promotional material, and running events that appeal to all genders.


Fashion is not just a look, it’s about the way you carry yourself and how confident you feel in an outfit. Beauty is not just what is on the outside, true beauty is from within. It is about being happy with who you are, your personal characteristics and the values that you uphold. This year, we hope to broaden our work and focus on less tangible concepts of fashion and beauty. Ways we will achieve this include running workshops on self confidence and partnering with sponsors that support our mission to promote body confidence and self esteem through fashion.

Fast fashion is one of the biggest producers of waste in the world. Industrial chemicals used to produce clothing are leaking into our ecosystem. Animals are being used to test beauty products and people are being exploited in poor working conditions. It is paramount for consumers to be aware of the impacts of their purchases. We hope to promote the Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Movement by increasing our philanthropic initiatives, such as informative blog posts and engaging short video clips on our Facebook/Instagram stories.

3) INCREASED INTERACTIONS with our members

By increasing our reach and engaging more of our members, we hope to continue to connect like-minded students at UNSW, give them a safe space to learn and express their passion for fashion and beauty, and grow the FABSOC community.

Whether this be through interactive and regular social media posts, fashion show and tells across campus, sponsor prizes and giveaways, or choosing fun events for all members, there’s many ways we can do this!


In 2019, we introduced a new style of FABSOC membership in addition to our general members. With a small paid fee, premium members enjoy exclusive access to discounts and codes from our sponsor, as well as extra entries into our giveaways. This year however, we hope to expand these benefits by including more sponsorship benefits.

5) Keeping good RECORDS

We hope to continue the FABSOC legacy, year after year by keeping detailed and accurate records of our internal procedures and key learnings. In doing this, we can continue to bring you awesome events, prizes and giveaways!