2021 Vision


To cater to all individuals no matter what gender, race, or orientation. We aim to embrace difference and ensure no one feels alienated from FABSOC. Inclusivity is important to us as it is vital for our growth as a community and society, and to encourage all people to participate with no judgment.


We aim to transform our content and projects to celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity to ensure all members are represented.

The focus will be to create more content that takes inspiration from various cultures and societies to acknowledge the impact they have had on the world, especially for fashion and beauty.


Foster an inclusive community where members can develop friendships and explore their journey of self-expression together. By running frequent social events, we aim to learn about ourselves and each other.


Provide a space where everyone is able to cultivate, form and share their emotions, opinions and beliefs freely not only through our words, but also through our combined appreciation of fashion and beauty without judgement.

Self-expression of oneself is important in creating a welcoming environment and plays a big role in one’s well being, so we aim to introduce opportunities that will encourage self-expression.


Promote a healthy internal team where members form meaningful relationships, work towards a shared goal and are encouraged to grow through regular upskilling. We will focus on team bonding and chances to learn more about each other’s roles to improve our skillset as a whole.