Five Fashion Tiktokers that will Inspire Your Style!

By Gladys Yeo | UNSW FABSOC

Tiktok has been an amazing remedy for boredom for many of us during lockdown. In between all the strange, hilarious, and creative videos, it has also been a great place to share fashion looks and tips.

credit: @thenavarose on Instagram

The fashion movement on Tiktok has seen a rise in y2k and e-girl/e-boy aesthetics, as well as the resurgence of DIY fashion. The popularity of up-cycling and vintage clothing today is leading our generation into making thrifting and sewing our clothing the norm. This could signal a shift from fast fashion into a more sustainable AND creative model of fashion consumption!

It has also been an amazing platform for creators of all skin colours and body types to preach self-love, body positivity, and reach out to viewers struggling to style themselves! Here are some fashion Tiktokers to check out today!

1. Jessica Wang (@jessicawangofficial)

Jessica Wang is a New York-based fashion blogger and influencer, who has participated in several makeup and fashion campaigns, as well as New York Fashion Week! As a working mother, her style tends to be simple and no-frills, yet classy and clean-cut.

Her Tiktok account is full of fashion tips and hacks, such as working with colour, accessories, and styling basic pieces into a fashionable and on-trend outfit, which is incredibly helpful for those who want to look professional and put-together without breaking the bank. She also posts tons of fashion photography tips for those of you looking to take your instagram feeds to the next level!


Took me a long time to make it. Hope you guys find it helpful. #fashion #outfitideas #poweryourstyle #fyp

♬ original sound – jessicawangofficial

2. Nava Rose (@the.navarose)

Originally a DIY, fashion, and lifestyle vlogger on Youtube, Nava Rose has become more active on Tiktok during lockdown, sharing her daring looks and DIY hacks. Her style is diverse, and ranges from edgy, e-girl looks to a bejeweled, bubblegum-pink, Ariana Grande-esque aesthetic.

DIY enthusiasts would love Nava Rose’s account, where she shares her super creative DIY tutorials for the unique and original pieces she has created from thrifted items, mens clothing, and designer bags! Nava Rose is one of many creators who are leading the DIY movement and inspiring a whole generation to start altering and sewing their own clothing. She also provides additional helpful tips on styling for petite girls with small chests, and tons of K-pop inspired outfits for you K-pop fans out there!


Me shamelessly wearing fake LV in the Louis Vuitton store & having a mini photoshoot is the type of energy I need everyday #springdiy #mystyle

♬ Ride Or Die – From “Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack” – Megan Thee Stallion & VickeeLo

3. Denise Mercedes (@denisemmercedes)

Denise Mercedes is a plus-sized Dominican-American fashion model and designer, and has gone viral recently with her adorable “Same Style, Different Bodies” series on Tiktok where she and her best friend (@mariacastellanos_ri) try on matching outfits to show how rocking on-trend fashion is not just limited to slimmer bodies!

Her style tends to be casual and feminine, and often dedicates videos to breaking certain “fashion myths” surrounding plus-sized bodies and what they can and cannot wear. As a model and designer, she also shares plenty of styling and confidence tips that can apply to anybody!


All looks from @fashionnova 💗 Which one is your favorite look? #fashionnovapartner #stylenotsize

♬ dolce and gabbana – styleiinspo

4. Everett Williams (@iameverettwilliams)

A graduate from Parsons school of Design in New York with a degree in fashion design, Everett Williams is an LA-based menswear, grooming, and lifestyle blogger. His style ranges from colourful, eclectic prints and pastels, to more casual streetwear for the boys who want to keep it low-key.

Hyper-masculinity in society can often discourage men from taking an interest in grooming and fashion, and this often leaves men with very few resources to learn to style themselves from. Everett Williams not only provides fashion inspiration, but also tips on how to style basic pieces such as high-waisted jeans on masculine bodies!

5. Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm8)

Wisdom Kaye is a young Nigerian-American content creator on Tiktok. His incredible style comprises influence from streetwear and high fashion, and he often shares these outfits alongside how to style different types of pieces. He also has several videos dedicated to destroying “fashion myths”, playing with colour combinations and proving that you don’t have to play by the rules to be stylish!

Besides outfit inspiration, Wisdom also breaks gender stereotypes by playing with colour combinations and incorporating traditionally feminine pieces such as crop tops, showing that fashion really transcends gender! He also has tons of videos on thrifting tips, so be sure to check out his videos to stay sustainable and on trend!


Clothes don’t affect or determine your sexuality.

♬ original sound – wisdm8

Finally… have fun!

Clothing is a powerful tool in self-expression, and nobody should ever feel excluded from the world of fashion. We also know that fashion today moves quickly, and it can be difficult to afford keeping up with trends as well as incorporate sustainability into our relationships with fashion. These are things we can learn from some of these fashion creators apart from just what is in style! Whether you’re a fashion pro or just starting to pay attention to your wardrobe, hopefully some of these Tiktokers will be able to provide some inspiration in developing your individual style that you look and feel the best in!

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