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Best #OOTD Spots in Sydney

By Shamik Patel

Always wondered where in Sydney you can visit to take bombtastic photos for your Instagram? Well look no further! Sydney is filled with beautiful locations, from cafes to parks to artistic features which are great for a day out in your favourite outfit. Here are some of these magical places you can visit:

1. Bradleys Head

bradleys head

Ever wanted a secluded and quiet place for a nice picnic? Bradley’s Head is a beautiful park located on the harbour side near North Sydney. Accessible via a ferry from Circular Quay with a 15 min trail walk, or car, this little known location has all the views without the city crowd.

One of the best times to visit is a bit after sunrise to get photos with amazing lighting if you want the harbour bridge in the background. But if you are looking for an exhilarating silhouette photo of the Sydney harbour, then sunset is the time for you. Great for a picnic spot, make sure to dress up with your most glamorous, confident look to take profile picture-worthy photos.

2. Ground of Alexandria

Ground of Alexandria is an iconic restaurant/café known for its beautiful garden-like and rustic décor. Just a 12-minute walk away from Green Square station, this place is known for it’s changing theme, so it never gets old to visit!

Make sure to try out their insta-worthy burgers or pancakes, and there are nice brekkie bowl options for those who are vegan/vegetarian too. There’s more to The Grounds than food as you can have a leisurely stroll on The Grounds, visit the farm animals in The Grounds Farm, check out the market on Sundays and try food from the café and stalls outside the main restaurant.

You may already know the iconic photo spot at the water fountain, but there are other little nooks and corners to explore different backgrounds for your photos. This place is great for dressing simple yet classy, so slip into a nice dress or a button up shirt to go nicely with the vibrant colours of the venue. If you’re feeling adventurous, look up their current theme and match your outfit accordingly!

3. Bare Witness/Rhodes Shorefront

One of my personal favourites, Bare Witness is located on the Rhodes shorefront, a short 7 min walk from Rhodes Station. They have a menu that changes each season featuring yummy burgers and healthy bowls and salads, but their French toast is something I recommend and is always on their menu.

It has a great, relaxed environment and is overlooking Parramatta River, making it an ideal spot to take photos after! Stay back after your meal to walk along the foreshore and relax at the park next door, and if you’ve got the time, stay for one of the most gorgeous sunsets as the river becomes a beautiful reflection of the sky and buildings.

If you’re after some great pictures, try taking photos at a lower angle to capture the sunset sky and the river, or if you’re a bit daring, walk onto the rocks on the shore to get some photos closer to the water. The urban view of Wentworth Point across the river really complements street wear or casual wear, regardless of the season!

4. La Perouse/Bare Island Fort

A popular spot amongst locals, La Perouse is hidden away past Botany Bay and is well known for its amazing coastal views and is home to Bare Island Fort.

More of an explorative experience, it’s great for a day out where you can spend time at the nearby beaches, grab some ice-cream from the ice-cream truck, walk around the island where the fort stands and soak in the beauty of nature.

The best place for photos is on the bridge to the fort, where you can take photos with a great view on either side and easily adjust according to lighting. Make sure the sun faces you to highlight your beautiful face! It is a real summer vibe, so I wore a nice viscose shirt, tan shorts and white sneakers paired with polarised sunnies.

5. Newtown/Art Walk

Newtown is one of Sydney’s treasures, full of progressive expression and culture, and it provides one of the best dining experiences Sydney has to offer. With dozens of cuisines and countless shops each with their own unique charm, it’s definitely a great way to get a taste of other cultures and experiences.

One of my favourite things to do in Newtown is to go on an art walk where you can appreciate murals and artworks influenced by politics and pop culture. This is a great opportunity to take unique photos! A casual or smart-casual outfit which contrasts the mural is a great way to emphasise your fashion choice, and a sneaky way to show off any accessories such as purses, earrings, and shoes. Also, play around with different angles like wide, low and high angles or put on fish-eye lens onto your camera to capture interesting photos that captivates more of the mural.

After a great photo session, end your day at one of the numerous restaurants, such as one of my favourites, Vandal Taqueria. Vandal is a vegan Mexican restaurant with the option of a set menu and serves quirky drinks from their bar, and to top it all off, it is located right next to a vibrant mural on the corner of Holt St and Princes Highway.

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