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    Black Culture’s Influence on Fashion Today

    By Alyssa Cimino | UNSW FABSOC If I had to describe 2020 in one word, it would probably be extraordinary. Fortunately, in Sydney, we’re now able to return to our usual routines – just with lots of hand sanitiser, masks and social distancing! However, for the time that we were all staying at home, it really did feel like the…

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    Environmentally Conscious Fashion: Upcycling

    By Alyssa Cimino | UNSW FABSOC When we think about climate change and environmental pollution, we tend to think of large industrial plants burning fossil fuels and smog generated from coal mines. Fashion would probably be the last thing to come to mind when considering what damages our environment – yet, fashion does have a significant impact on our Earth.…

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    Environmentally Conscious Fashion: War on Waste

    “Fashions come and go, but style goes on forever” – An Introduction to Sustainable and Ethical Fashion By Christine Ha | UNSW FABSOC Have you ever mass purchased a bunch of clothes during sales season? Who doesn’t love sales, right!? Or…have you successfully cleaned out your wardrobe and thrown away a bunch of outdated clothes? Isn’t it satisfying!? Ever thought…

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    Five Fashion Tiktokers that will Inspire Your Style!

    By Gladys Yeo | UNSW FABSOC Tiktok has been an amazing remedy for boredom for many of us during lockdown. In between all the strange, hilarious, and creative videos, it has also been a great place to share fashion looks and tips. The fashion movement on Tiktok has seen a rise in y2k and e-girl/e-boy aesthetics, as well as the…

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    Personalisation: The future of fashion and beauty

    By Kaveena Anantha-Siva | UNSW FABSOC We’ve all seen those quizzes you take online to determine which shampoo is best for your hair, or which skincare product works well with your skin. From customised products to curated individual recommendations, personalisation is the way certain products or services are tailored to match individual consumer needs and preferences. This trend gained momentum…

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    History on Sneakers

    Ever wondered about the history of iconic sneakers and exactly why they are famous?? Read to find out more about your favourite shoes.