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Susmi is a 3rd year Aerospace Engineering / Commerce student. Her style is bold and colourful with a touch of femininity. She encourages consistency when it comes to skincare, as good products can’t work without routine! She also never leaves the house without a pair of earrings.

Vaish is a 4th year Civil Engineering student. Whether at work or chilling at uni, her style is quick and easy with a staple jacket/pants over neutral basics. She recommends finding an everyday fragrance or lipgloss to elevate any look.

Caroline is a 3rd year Commerce/Media student. On any given day, you'll catch her sporting a winged cat eyeliner, a basic crop top, and some baggy pants that are two sizes too big. If she had to impart some words of wisdom, it would be to "apply your sunscreen as if your life depended on it!"

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Vice President (Creatives)

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Vice President (Operations)

Chantelle is a 3rd year Commerce and Science student. Her go-to looks are making comfy clothes classy by mixing staples with coats and blazers. She recommends investing in good basics as they are timeless pieces that are essential to a good outfit!

Leo is a savvy 3rd year Commerce Student. His style exudes minimalism and timelessness as he combines vintage, streetwear, and designer it all into one. He recommends silver jewellery as accessories and a cleanser for skincare.

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Vice President (Internals)

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Alyssa is a 4th year Commerce/Law student. She takes her skincare routine seriously so you'll never catch her outside without SPF. She also loves athleisure as it's the perfect balance between style and comfort!

Gladys is a 2nd year Media (PR & Advertising)/Arts student. Her favourite beauty hack is using a hydrating toner on your makeup sponge to blend your foundation for a glowy, natural finish!

Natalie is a 4th year Design and Media student, majoring in Jewellery and Graphic design as well as PR and Advertising. When not at home in sweats or leggings, she can be found in a pair of jeans or wide leg pants. She recommends pairing these staples with her favourite accessory, jewellery!

Publications Director

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Publications Director

Media Director

Tasnova is a 2nd year International Studies/Media (S&SP) student. Her style swings between elegant, timeless pieces and trendy, bold looks. She recommends overdressing in casual situations to truly embody the main character and be brave with what you wear!

Jessica is a 3rd Year Medical Science student majoring in Human Pathology. Her style is either a minimalistic and classy all-black look, or fun pastel colour palettes that matches with whatever hair colour she has at the time. She highly recommends a black leather jacket that is timeless, empowering and can be styled with absolutely anything!

Nafisa is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student. Wide leg cord pants are essential in her everyday look. She recommends stacking necklaces and accessorising to make your look more put together!

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Media Director

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Marketing Director

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Marketing Director


Michelle is a 3rd year Commerce and Science student, majoring in Accounting and Pharmacology. Her style is a fusion of simple and trendy. When it comes to tying an outfit together, less is more! She recommends adding simple jewellery and a timeless bag.

Sarah is a 3rd year Commerce/Arts student. She is obsessed with wearing monochromatic looks - which is why her laundry load always looks like a bag of m&ms! Sarah finds that incorporating different shades of one colour can really help outfits look effortlessly put-together!

If you're looking for a partner to attend warehouse sales with, look no further than Roxanna! She's a psych/business student and is on a mission to shop saavy, sustainable and smart. She’s a dedicated sponsorships member so don’t be shy to reach out if you have a great proposal in mind.

Jennifer is a 2nd year Media (Public Relations and Advertising) student. Her style consists of pastel tones, y2k inspired outfits with a hint of edginess. Her most worn outfit is light washed denim jeans with a biker bomber jacket.

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Events Director

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Events Director

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Sponsorship Director

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Sponsorship Director


Kim is a 2nd year Commerce and Design student. She enjoys dressing chic, playing around with the classics and wearing all black (every day, for every occasion). Her quick solution for elevating an outfit involves adding a choker necklace, platform boots and red lip tint.

Violet is a 3rd Year Fine Arts/Law student. She enjoys wearing earthy/warm colours and collecting accessories to complement her outfits. She is especially enjoying this year's trend of wearing wide/flare pants!

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Human Resources Director

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Human Resources Director

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