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Brendan is a 4th year Neuroscience student. Our president believes in doing your research when shopping for cosmetics. He also recommends investing in basics, so your wardrobe is full of timeless pieces that are compatible with any trend!

Christine is a 2nd year Civil Engineering/Commerce student with a passion for using fashion as a platform for creating positive change. Our VPI recommends spending a little extra to invest in timeless, good quality, staple items and thrift shopping for unique pieces to spice up a look, rather than giving into fast fashion trends. 

Lydia is a 3rd year Commerce/Information Systems student whose style revolves around sustainability and quality. She recommends using resale apps and thrift stores to reduce consumption. When it comes to makeup, she keeps things interesting with subtle pops of colour using eyeliner and contacts.

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Vice President (Internals)

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Vice President (Externals)

Jacqueline is a 4th year Actuarial Studies/Commerce student. Less is more when it comes to skincare for our treasurer, as layering on too much product can cause breakouts. Her shopping advice is to understand your own style to make sure you love every piece you purchase.

Our secretary is Ronald, a 4th year Engineering/Commerce student. His style is practical, using layers in his outfits makes him fashionable and ready for any kind of weather! On lazy days, hoodies are his best friend.

Jacqueline Liang

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Susmi is a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering/Commerce student. She encourages consistency when it comes to skincare, as good products can’t work without routine! She also looks to her friends for fashion inspiration that suits her daily lifestyle.

Chantelle is a 2nd year Commerce/Science student. Her advice for developing your style is to create a Pinterest board, and find out what trends and styles tend to repeat! She also recommends learning to sew, so you can always alter and personalise your pieces.

Be it with fashion or makeup, Seolin believes in getting to know and be comfortable with yourself first. Thinking about your best features can help you decide how to style yourself in a way that truly accentuates the favourite parts of yourself!

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Events Director

Chantelle Liu
Events Director

Seolin Jang
Sponsorships Director


Vaish is a 3rd year Civil Engineering student. Her style is quick and easy with a staple coat over neutral basics. She recommends matching metal hardware through jewellery and bag straps to elevate your look!

Tram is a 4th year Commerce/Economics student. Her favourite fashion trend is silky slip skirts and loves dressing up with her white floral maxi skirt to feel a tad more sophisticated.

Justine is a 5th year Commerce/Arts student. Her affordable hack to building a vintage wardrobe is to raid your parents’ closet! She also recommends keeping your skin soft and healthy with exfoliation and plenty of sun protection.

Hillary is a 2nd year Commerce/Arts student. She has a minimalistic style, using prints and accessories like belts and jewellery to spice up her outfits. She doesn’t believe in being over or underdressed, because your own style is what represents you!

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Publications Director

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Publications Director

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Media Director

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Marketing Director

FABSOC 2020 Team